Choosing the right Diamond Ring!

Authors and poets have tried to give a definition to love for centuries, while scientists have only recently started. What actually happens when we fall in love is the most difficult thing in the whole world to explain. It is something we all do without thinking. As a matter of fact, if we think about love and the person we love too much, we will probably end up doing things wrong. However, we do know one thing: love is the major purpose for living, without love people cannot survive. And as the song goes: “First comes love, then comes marriage…” Well, before marriage is the engagement.

Ritual of choosing an engagement ring

Engagement rings express the marriage promise. The rings for engagement began as simple bands, and later have evolved into more decorated jewelry pieces, being set with different gemstones. The groom should choose and purchase the diamond engagement rings on his own in order to show to his beloved. However before all that, he must discreetly find out the ring size of the girl he wants to marry. Nowadays, the couples often shop together, or the girl might pick out the engagement ring by herself. The surprising element is always preserved by not knowing when the man will propose. Once a woman agrees, she is not obligated to wear the engagement ring; however she should wear it on her left hand on her fourth finger because it was believed that that finger contains a vein that goes direct to the heart.

Etiquette for engagement and wedding rings

Diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings are the most popular kinds, because diamonds are women’s best friends. However, diamonds are not mandatory; there are platinum engagement rings, pearl rings, gemstone rings, etc. Some rings might even be passed down through families. Before the start of the wedding ceremony, the bride moves the engagement ring from the left to the right hand so that her left hand will be free for the wedding ring.

Engagement Ring Tips

Engagement and diamond weddings rings symbolize the promise of commitment and love. Every man wants to give his beloved a ring that shows he understands her style and taste. Diamonds always have been the stone of choice. With some research and planning, any ‘groom to be’ can find and purchase a ring that will thrill the future bride. Diamonds come in various shape; needless to say, diamond rings are the most expensive. For example, a square diamond usually comes in a princess, radiant, or emerald cut. These cuts are both elegant and classic. Heart-shaped rings are perfect for those women who have an eclectic style and taste. Other shapes include Marquise, oval, trilliant and pear. A diamond represents endurance, commitment and love, three aspects of every successful relationship. When choosing a diamond ring, the three most important components are the stone, the band and the setting. To find the ideal diamond, there are four C’s categories which should be considered. They include cut, color, clarity, and carat.

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